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Dialogues about the  fashion phenomenon

March 16, 2016 the Department of educational work and youth policy and the development of the state language of our university and the chair  of methods of teaching of philological sciences  of the Philology Institute orginazed festival "Dialogues about the fashion phenomenon"  with the participation of students of 1  year courses of the Kazakh division  of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports and Institute of Natural Science and Geography.
During the event, the audience witnessed an interesting contest of fashion connoisseurs of beautiful musical shows. The highlight of the event was the premiere demonstration of fashionable clothes, prepared by emerging designers clothes Aidarbayev Aigerim, Alimbayeva Zhanay, Kairzhan Arai, Makhambet Danagul, Sakenova Zhaznur. Students prepared themselves have shown a collection of evening dresses under the title "Spring motives".  At the same time demonstrated the slides, narrated about the stages of preparation of clothes the girls, starting with the selection of models, material and ending with a demonstration of the finished gown. The collection was presented to the song "Ne degen korkem edin" performed by student IACS Amanbekova Nurzhigit.
Students studying decorative arts, Abdikadyrova Aizada, Abdikerim Aliya handed festival guests made their hands gifts:decorative bowl, watercolor landscape paintings, prefacing the presentation describing the work performed.
Head of the Chair of teaching methods of philological sciences, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Shakhanova R.A., awarding certificates and letters of thanks to students participating in the event, thanked students for the festival, noted the work of the chair members to implement the project. Speaking after her Deputy Director of the Institute of Philology of the educational work, senior lecturer, master of linguistic sciences  Nuptekeeva G.B. thanked the participating students and teachers of the  Russian language section, successfully organized the said event.


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