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Doctoral degree PhD


    Rules for admission to doctorate

    Acceptance of applications submitted to the doctoral program is held from 3 to 25 July.


    Applicants for admission to a doctoral program pass an examination in the specialty and an international certificate confirming the mastery of a foreign language in accordance with European competences (standards).


    Entry exams:

    - from 8 to 16 August

    - admission - until August 25.


    The doctoral program accepts persons with a master`s degree and work experience of at least 1 year.


    For education on the state educational order are credited to those who scored the highest points in the amount of entrance examinations in a foreign language and in the specialty: for scientific and pedagogical doctoral studies at least 150 points, incl. in a foreign language at least 50 points.


    Duration: 3 years

    Form of study: full-time

    Language of instruction: Kazakh, Russian, English.

    Training conditions: training is carried out under state grants and on a paid basis.



    Applicants for admission to doctoral studies pass an international certificate confirming their knowledge of a foreign language in accordance with European competencies (standards).



    - International English Language System (IELTS - not less than 4.5),

    - Test of Foreign Language Institutional Testing Program (TOEFL ITP- not less than 460 points),

    - Internet-based Test (TOEFL IBT, threshold score - not less than 87),

    - TOEFL threshold score - at least 560 points.



    - Deutsche Sprachprufungfur den Hochschulzugang (DSH, Niveau C1 / Level C1),

    - TestDaF-Prufung (Niveau C1 / C1 level).



    - Test de Français International (TFI - no lower than B1 in the reading and listening sections),

    - Diplome d`Etudes en Langue français (DELF, Level B2),

    - Diplome Approfondi de Langue françaisé (DALF, level C1), Test de connaissance du français TCF - at least 400 points.




    Applicants who have scored a threshold score in a foreign language are allowed to take the exam in the specialty.


    The list of necessary documents for admission to the doctoral program:

    - Application (issued by the selection committee);

    - A copy of the identity card;

    - Notarized copies of documents on education (bachelor and master) with attachments;

    - A copy of the certificate of taking a test in a foreign language (if available);

    - List of scientific and methodological works (if available);

    - Six 3x4 photos;

    - Medical certificate form 086-U;

    - Personal account registration sheet (original) and a document confirming labor activity (an extract from the unified accumulation fund of the listed mandatory pension contributions for the specified period of work) to be notarized;

    - Justification of the planned dissertation research, agreed with the proposed domestic or foreign scientific consultant.


    Together with the entire copy, the original documents are provided for verification. After the reconciliation, the originals are returned.