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The leaders of the ranking for the 2018-2019 academic year


Congratulations to the departments, who took 1 - 3 places in the ranking of 2019:

- Department of Informatics and Informatization of Education, Head of the Department Bidaybekov E.Y.

- Department of Chemistry, head of the Department Mukataeva Zh.S.

-Department of Law, head of the Department Buribaev E.A.


Congratulations to the institutions that took 1 - 3 places in the ranking of 2019:

- Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Director Bekpatshaev M.Zh.

- Institute of Natural Science and Geography, director Kaymuldinova K.D.

- Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, Director Almukhambetov B.A.

Congratulations to the teachers who took 1 - 3 places in the 2019 rating:

1. Abylkasymova A.E. - Head of the Department of Teaching Mathematics, Physics and Informatics

2. Kusainov D.U. - Professor, Department of Political Science and Socio-Philosophical Disciplines.

3. Khamzina J.A. - Professor, Department of Law.



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