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Integration of national primary education system of globalization is characterized by the fact that Kazakhstan is now on the verge of entering the world educational space. President Nursultan Nazarbayev at the second Congress employees of Education and Science said: "In the future will work and live our current students. Kazakhstan will be a level, how to raise their teacher. Therefore, the task assigned to them is very difficult. "When implementing such a heavy task the teacher needs to know the direction of development of the world educational space, be aware of the different orientation of the integration. To learn the basics of education and science - this is the main indicator of the occurrence in world educational space.

In this regard, in the Chair of Pedagogy and methodology of primary education Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology was held master class of Professor Amirova Amina on the theme "Integration of the national system of primary education in the world educational space. Designing the development of primary education" in online mode with the leading universities of Kazakhstan. During the master class addressed the following important problems of today educational sphere:
1. Integration of the national system of primary education in the world educational space;
2. Psycho-pedagogical, social and pedagogical design of developing the educational process;
3. The technology of designing universal educational action in elementary school.


The universities which were present at a master class in the online mode have submitted scientific projects, have shown high activity. And also different pedagogical situation show it with the help of role-playing games. At the end of the master class 2nd year master student Toktamysova Duriya defended her research project in English.

For active participation in the master class, conducted in on-line mode, we thank to the teachers-professors, undergraduates and PhD students Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute n.a. Altynsarin, International Kazakh-Turkish University n.a. K.A.Yassaui, South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute, Zhetysu State University n.a. I.Zhansugirov, the University of Foreign Languages and Business Career and the Kazakh National Ppedagogical University n.a. Abai.


Article author: PhD Elmira Uaydullakyzy
Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists,
Senior Lecturer of the Chair Pedagogy and methodology of primary education



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