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On 27-28 October 2016, Director of Resource Advisory Center on Inclusive Education for universities and preventive suicidology Movkebayeva Z.A. at the invitation of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus, Mihail Zhuravkov participated in the International Conference «Inclusive processes in education» in Minsk (Belarus).
The conference was organized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, Educational Institution «Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank» Scientific-methodical establishment «National Institute of Education», State educational institution «Academy of Postgraduate Education» and the UN Children Fund (UNICEF).
Director of RACIE spoke at the first plenary session of the international conference on «Development of Inclusive Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan» in which she highlighted the main directions of development and prospects of the children turn on the system with special educational needs in mainstream education. 
The conference program comprises presentations by international experts in the field of promotion of the ideas of inclusion, the scientists involved in the development of inclusive education issues specialists engaged in teacher training inclusive scope, teachers and practitioners implementing inclusive education technology.
The conference covered a wide range of areas, revealing the diversity of inclusive processes in education.







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