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With the support of Almaty department of youth policy and state development fund "Elite Business Group" of youth policy and youth public association «Zhastar Unі" held annually contest "The Best of Almaty students". It has become a good tradition - to identify the best students, because the competition is organized to identify successful, creative, ambitious, bright students of Almaty city and the creation of the magazine-catalog with photos and information about them. Main goal is employment assistance of the most active students. To avoid subjectivity and ensure transparency, the competition was held online. Each participant was given a personal number and they have been registered on the competition page. This year, a large list of participants turned out a fourth-year student of the Institute "Natural History and geography" of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai on specialty "5B011600-Geography" - ridges Maksat Talgatuly.
Tender commission the first phase of the competition the contestants viewed profiles (profile of the achievements and successes in education, research activities and public works), and the second stage was assessed essays about his chosen profession. As a result of ridges Maksat was recognized as one of the top students from more than a thousand applicants and awarded the certificate of "Best student of Almaty - 2016". The continuation of measures on rewarding students held on 22 September has become a "fair opportunity" and "My first job" carried out to assist in matters of employment and employment of young specialists. However, representatives of business structures held master classes.










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