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The project «Ecological clubs» starts


Since 10 Septembe, 2018, on 90th anniversary of the KazNPU named after Abay the project «Ecological clubs» starts, organized by the «Meyirim» volunteer club and the «» Republican public association within the framework of the state social order of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management of Almaty.

Eco-project is aimed at the dissemination of universal values and the development of ecological awareness of schoolchildren and students.

The goal is achieved through training on a specially developed program, which includes:




nteractive lectures, round tables;







Based on the letter No. 1-06 / 2442-I from 11/08/2016, student volunteers 1 - 3 courses of study will be attracted by KSU Education Department of Almaty city for training within the project «Ecological clubs», with the issuance of certificates. Volunteer students will conduct practical classes on ecology for pupils of 7th and 8th grades of general education schools and extra-curricular time (1 to 2 lessons per week). It is planned that 15 students will be included in each eco-club, the total project will encompass 1500 schoolchildren.


Ecoclub trains in 4 main directions:

- water resources;

- qaste management;

- biodiversity;

- eco-trail.


The implementation period of the project «Ecological clubs» - from October 1 to December 5, 2018.


Territorial coverage of the eco-project:

100 secondary schools of Medeu, Almali, Auezov, Bostandyk districts of Almaty.

200 students-volunteers of Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, Institute of Natural History and Geography, Institute of Philology and multilingual Education.



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