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 Zhumagulov Bolat Sagidollayevich
Director of the Institute of History and Law
Candidate of Historical sciences, Professor
Zhambyl str.25

 Muratkazin Muhtar Muratkazinovich

Candidate of Historical Sciences
Zhambyl str.25

 Asymova Dariya Bolatovna
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
PhD doctor
Zhambyl str.25

 Manapbaev Nurbolat Bekbolatuly
Deputy director for educational work
st. Zhambyl, 25, building number 10, 5th floor, office 503
 8-707-133-19-80, +7(727)-291-78-24


One of the first structural divisions of the university, formed in 1934, was the faculty of History and Geography, being the founder of Institute of History and Law. Originally, the institute was called Department of History and Geography. Professor S.Zh. Asfendiyarov, the author of basic researches of history of Kazakhstan, was appointed the first rector of the Kazakh State University (KazGPI) in 1928-1931. He was also the first dean of faculty of History and Geography.

Halel Mukhamedzhanovich Adilgereev, the graduate of Eastern Pedagogical Institute in Kazan, is one of the first Kazakh historians who made a significant contribution to the formation of faculty. Besides, according to requirements of society the academician of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan professor G.S. Sapargaliyev as also the founder of faculty of the International Relations and Law contributed to the development of faculty. The new faculty was headed by the deputy of Mazhilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Doctor of Political Sciences, professor K.N. Burkhanov.

At different time veterans of the Great Patriotic War - scientists-teachers O.S. Seksenbayev, A.A. Akhmetzhanov, Zh. Eshmuratov, S.K. Bakshylov and also B.Sh. Shymyrbayeva, T.Zh. Shoyynbayev, Zh.K. Kasymbayev, B.B. Irmukhanov, V. Sadykova, O.A. Omirzakov, Zh.O. Utebaliyev and other professors have made a big contribution to training of specialists at the faculty of History and Geography.

The doctor of Historical Sciences, professor Zh.K. Kasymbayev has played a significant role in development of national history and also have made a big contribution to profound studying of history of Kazakhstan as a separate subject at secondary and higher educational institutions. His scientific heritage still hasn`t lost relevance.

Nowadays, more than 1000 students study at the Institute of History and Law. The faculty consists of more than 90 qualified teachers, among whom there are one academician and one member of National Academy of Sciences of RK, 23 doctors of science, professors, 37 candidates of science, associate professors and 4 doctors of philosophy.

Now there are 4 chairs at the Institute of History and Law which activity is aimed at training of highly qualified specialists - Bachelors, Masters and Doctors (PhD) according to the state educational standards, standard training programs and other normative documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The teaching staff of the chairs is constantly improving its scientific potential, educates young professionals from among its graduates, who already have the position of Professor at the chair.

At the present stage of development of the Institute of history and law has formed a stable tradition - providing quality education of the highest level in the field of scientific research, as well as in the field of professional ethics. In accordance with the demands of modern society, the teaching staff of the Institute provides high quality training.

Graduates of the Institute of history and law receive a state diploma. They are in demand in government, ministries, law enforcement agencies, national companies, research institutes, higher and secondary education systems.

The Institute provides active international cooperation and academic mobility of students, undergraduates and doctoral students. Thus, students of the Institute have significant advantages and benefits, as they can study in foreign universities in accordance with the agreement on cooperation with our University.

The 2nd -3rd year students are given an opportunity to have military training.

The Institute has scientific student clubs, student Council, youth clubs, sports clubs, Amateur clubs, in which students can fully demonstrate their scientific and creative abilities.


The material and technical base of the Institute fully corresponds to the training of highly qualified specialists. The classrooms are equipped with language laboratories, computer classes and classes with interactive whiteboards, multimedia projectors, mobile screens that provide the implementation of modern interactive teaching methods. There are also two reading rooms with 50 seats each. The book Fund contains all the necessary scientific literature used by students.

At different times, the Institute employed outstanding scientists, teachers, public figures who continue their career as academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, prominent scientist M. K. Koigeldiev, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan R.B. Absattarov and also in the field of education - doctors of science, professors A.N. Kudaybergenov, G.K. Halidullin, B.O. Zhanguttin, H.A. Suteeva, M.K. Tolekova, K.R. Nessipbayeva, S.S. Sayfulmalikova, Zh.A. Kudaybergenova, A.Sh. Makhayeva, B.H. Toleubekova, B.K. Abdygulova, E.A. Buribayev, G.R. Ramazanova, Zh.A. Hamzina, A.R. Bizhanova and others worked.

Currently, the Institute of history and law is a structural unit, whose activities are aimed at ensuring high quality education, the introduction of values "Mangilik El", the formation of a sense of patriotism, heroic spirit on the example of the life of the Kazakh khans and speakers.

Today, traditions created by preceding directors of the Institute, such as S.Zh. Asfendiyarov, H.M. Adilgereev, A.P. Chizhov, S.K. Bakshylov, N.K. Kiikbayev, Zh.A. Amantayev, K.Sh. Shulembayev, Sh.A. Adilkhanov, N.S. Baygabylov, etc., adequately proceed the university graduate of 1978, the candidate of historical sciences, professor B.S. Zhumagulov.


The Directorate of the Institute, the teaching staff, guided by the slogan" Training of highly qualified specialists in demand for our country!" it works tirelessly for the benefit of the independent state to provide the society with competitive personnel.

- providing high-quality educational services at the level of international standards, which implies a comprehensive and consistent implementation of the basic principles of activity;
- updating the content of pedagogical education through the introduction of fundamentally new educational programs focused on the integrated, interdisciplinary nature and the continuous involvement in the educational process of new knowledge, the most effective and popular educational practices;
- improving the quality of educational services and ensuring the continuity of the levels of a holistic three-stage model of vocational education (undergraduate-master study -doctoral PhD);
- development of academic mobility programs for students and teaching staff;
- full-scale introduction in the educational process of innovative approaches (credit-modular structure of educational trajectories due to the variety of types and forms of educational programs);
- improvement of educational and methodological support and organization of the academic process based on innovative educational technologies;
- creating an appropriate infrastructure to ensure the implementation of these approaches in educational programs of an innovative nature.



It consists of a directorate and 4 chairs.

Director of the Institute of History and Law - c.h.s., Professor Zhumagulov Bolat Sagidollaevich.

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs - PhD doctor Asymova Dariya Bolatovna.

Deputy Director for Research - c.h.s., Muratkazin Muhtar Muratkazyuly.

Deputy Director for educational work - sen. lecturer Manapbayev Nurbolat Bekbolatuly.


1. History of Kazakhstan named after Academician T.S. Sadykov - Head of the chair, Doctor of Political Sciences, associate professor Zhanguttin Bauyrzhan Olzhabayevich.
2. World History - Head of the Chair, Candidate of Historical Sciences, associate professor Ermukanov Erkin Nuratdinovich.
3. Chair of Jurisprudence- Head of the Chair, Doctor of Law Sciences, рrofessor Buribayev Ermek Abiltaevich.
4. Chair of Politology and socio-philosophical disciplines- Head of the Chair.
Candidate of Historical Sciences, Doctor of Political Science Simtikov Zhomart Kudaibergenovich.



5B011400 - History ( pedagogic)
5B020300 - History (scientific)
5В013000 - History - Religious
5B011500 - Foundations of Law and Economics
5B030100 - Jurisprudence
5B050500 - Area study ( with the study of Arabic, Chinese, Persian and Japanese languages ).
6M011400 - History (pedagogic)
6M020300 - History (scientific)
6M011500 - Foundations of Law and Economics
6M030100 - Jurisprudence
6M050500 - Area study
6M020400 - Culturology
6M020600 - Religious Studies
6M050100 - Sociology
6M050200 - Politology
6M020100 - Philosophy
6D011400 - History (pedagogic)
6D020300 - History (scientific)
6D050100 - Sociology
6D050200 - Politology
6D020100 - Philosophy


VISIT OF MONUMENT Nauryzbay Batyr in the framework of the republican historical - cultural expedition "Uly dala eli" dedicated to the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate