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Software Division


Division provides elaboration of the Laboratory Information system (LIS) "Abai University!" Consisting of the following modules: General data; Student contingent; Frames; Archive of curricula; Calculation of pedagogical load; Enrollee; Testing; Deanery; Office registrar, etc.

Division carries out the elaboration of software shells for electronic textbooks, multimedia courses, methodological aids and other distance learning methods, develops testing systems and other means of knowledge control, develops a methodology for using information resources for distance learning.



Main functions of the software division are:
- elaboration and implementation of software to support the educational process of Abai KazNPU in the conditions of credit training technology;
- elaboration and development of a set of programs in the educational portal of the automated information system of the LIS "Abai University!";
- training users to work with the AIS program complex "Abai University!";
- eleboration of software shells for all types of electronic textbooks and publications;
- оrganization of training seminars for compilers of electronic textbooks and publications.