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Division of International Educational Programs


Major objectives


The establishment and maintenance of international relations, coordination of the departments of the University in the field of international cooperation.
Organizing and supervising the training of specialists from foreign countries on the basis of public procurement and contract training (training courses, training in the departments, training, master, doctorate).
Organizing participation of university students in international educational programs.
The organizational work to find sponsors and grants for research and educational programs.
The organization of the exchange of experiences in the field of education and science with foreign universities.
Other activities associated with the implementation of international projects involving KazNPU named after Abai.
Cooperation with various international foundations and centers.
Coordination of activities of the units of the University in the field of international cooperation.
Analysis and expert evaluation of the work of other departments of the University in the field of international cooperation.
Coordination and organization of the training of foreign specialists to work at the University



Drafting, together with the departments, programs, admission of foreign experts and monitoring the implementation of these programs is the department in conjunction with the departments of the university.

Timely dissemination of information about international student programs among university departments
The organization of student participation in international programs and projects
Distribution of leaflets about foreign universities and foreign grant programs among students, masters, doctors and teachers KazNPU named after Abai.



Make suggestions to improve the management of the Office and to improve the work of the Division.

Organize and carry outscientific andpractical conferences,inter-institutionalscientific andpractical conferences, participate inscientific conferences heldin other organizations.
Participatein international projects
Require themaintenance of conditions forwork of the Division.