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Presentations of the expanded meeting of the EMA dated 04/14/2023 on the topic «Prospects and development of the quality assurance system of pedagogical education»

1. About the state policy on quality assurance of higher education
2. Measuring instruments of the international QS WUR rating in the subject area «Education and training»
3. About educational programs developed within the framework of the World Bank project «Strengthening the pedagogical potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan»
3.1. Strengthening the potential of teacher education (KZEMP/QCBC-03): the development process results
3.2. Master`s degree programs:
1. Management and Leadership in Education
2. Research in education
3.3. The educational program of the teacher-professional orientologist is a program of postgraduate pedagogical retraining
3.4. Educational program "Art Education"

4. National Education Quality Assurance System
5. About the National standard of accreditation of pedagogical education
6. Accreditation as a tool of the system of external quality assurance of pedagogical education: cases and analysis
7. Analysis of educational programs in the field of «Pedagogical sciences»
8. Internationalization of pedagogical education: opportunities to strengthen the individual learning trajectory
9. Trends in the development of professional orientation of students to pedagogical activity
10. Measurement parameters of applied and interdisciplinary competencies in the evaluation of learning outcomes
11. Interaction of the ORP and MOI in teacher training and post-university support