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 Amanbayeva Makhabbat Batyrgalievna
Head of the Department of Science, Innovation and International Cooperation
Senior Lecturer , PhD doctor
Kazybek Bi str, 30


Department goal:
Increasing the competitiveness of the Institute`s scientific developments, finding possible ways to introduce them into the educational process.

Main tasks of the department:
Organization of research work, definition of the framework of international cooperation in the types of activities of the Institute, preparation of draft contracts, implementation of various projects in the areas of the University`s activities in accordance with the legislation and the Charter of the Company.
Activating the research potential of the Institute;
Improving the effectiveness of scientific developments and ensuring integration into the global scientific space;
Implementation of the results of scientific research in the educational process;
Ensuring the technological development of the institute and strengthening its scientific and technical base;
Commercialization of innovative ideas;
Involvement of students, undergraduates, doctoral students and other young specialists, scientists of the university in solving scientific and practical problems;
Attraction of extra-budgetary funds, material and technical resources, new technologies, including innovative training technologies.

Department activities:
Development of innovative developments, new types of products, services, technologies in the areas of activity of the university and the institute;
Providing assistance to research projects, their support, provision of services that are innovative in nature;
Development and implementation of schemes for the integration of fundamental and applied science, education and the social sphere;
Organization of training, master class, scientific seminar for teachers and students;
Organization and holding of international and national scientific and practical conferences, student scientific seminars;
Involvement of teachers and students in research activities;
Monitoring the publication of articles by teachers and students in international rating publications;
Preparation and development of measures aimed at increasing the publication of articles in international rating publications, increasing the index of the Hirsch index;
Receiving from other structural divisions of the Institute and the University the materials, documents, and information necessary to perform the assigned tasks;
Participation in various meetings, seminars and exhibitions held with the participation of the university;
Involvement of employees of other structural divisions of the Institute and the University with the consent of their managers in order to provide services for the developed projects;
Participation in the preparation and implementation of the University and Institute activity programs in the areas of the Department`s activities;
Making a proposal to the director of the Institute on the issues of support, development and improvement of the efficiency of the department`s activities;
Participation in operational meetings on issues within the competence of the department;
Representation of the rights and interests of the university and the institute in state bodies and in other organizations within their competence;
Participation in various programs, implementation of projects aimed at training, retraining and advanced training of employees of the Institute.