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         Semester training of students of the Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages ​ (Shaoxing City) is coming to the end. They came to Kazakhstan by the academic mobility program and were distributed to the Department of Russian Language and Literature.

         A farewell event was dedicated to the successful completion of the semester, in which the students from China expressed their sincere gratitude to our university, and the students and teachers of  Abai  KazNPU warmly said goodbye to the girls who had time to fall in love.

           There were many songs, smiles, joyful and sad (because of close farewell) words.

           Students from China told (in good Russian!) That for several months of their studies in Almaty they learned a lot about our city, our country, traditions and character of the Kazakh people. They visited many interesting places and are very glad that in June they will have a trip to EXPO-2017 Astana.

           A lot of strength and perseverance they have applied to master the 3-year program, so the semester finish with excellent and good grades. Always next to the Chinese guests were the hosts - 3rd year students of the specialty "Russian Language and Literature" and their adviser assistant professor Madina K. Abayeva.

         About how much our Chinese friends have made great progress in the study of the Russian language, their essays written on complex and relevant  social issues  themes. Let in these miniatures and come across small inaccuracies (we did not begin to edit these texts), but they have the main thing - the ability to think and express their sincere, interesting and independent reflections in Russian.

         The farewell evening ended with a friendly tea-drinking and the unanimous wish of all participants: we look forward to new meetings!

               Reference: Essays written by students from China










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