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M.Sh. Musataeva as visiting professor at the Karaganda State Technical University

          On 24-25 April, 2017, Dr. of philological sciences, Professor of the Russian Language and Literature Department, Manat Sh. Musataeva visited Karagandy City and read a course of lectures (16 hours) on the theme: "Russian language in the conditions of Kazakhstan`s intercultural communication".
       Lectures were read in the framework of the Republican Scientific and Practical Seminar "Implementation of a Multilingual Education in the Modern Education System" (24-28April, 2017), organized on the basis of the Innovation Multilingual Center and Advanced Training Institute of the Karaganda State Technical University.
          The evaluation of the listeners was very high. This manifested itself in the great interest of the seminar participants to the lectures of Professor, as well as in their reviews, marking the high scientific-theoretical and methodical level of lectures.







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