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Guests from China

On 22 February , 2017 by the academic mobility programme to the chair of Russian language and literature arrived students from Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages (Shaoxing City): Lu Jia Min, Xu Pingping, Yu Jia Hui, Li Jiali, Zhao Yuan Ming.
Students were sent on a semester studying at our university. They will learn together with a group of 3rd year course of specialty "Russian language and literature."
Guests from China were represented by their course and have already started to attend classes. Today`s introduction under guidance of course adviser Madina Abayeva ended visit to, Yermek Tursunov KINOCLUB, which together with the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan conducts  open film shows with their further discussion.
To the audience was presented the film "The Shot on the Karash Pass". It a real gift to lovers of good cinema! The film is made on the novel of Mukhtar Auezov "The event at Kara-Karash".
We very happy , that students from China since the first day acquainted with the culture of Kazakh people. We hope that the training at Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University will not only be useful for future specialists, but they remembered this time as an interesting period of student`s life.


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