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 Akynova Aigerim Pernebekovna
Head of the Chair
PhD doctor
st. Zhambyl, 25


The Department of World History of the Institute of History and Law was established in 1938 from the moment of the formation of the Department of World History. In 2018, the Department of World History merged with the Department of Methods of Teaching History and Social Sciences and is currently continuing its scientific work as part of the analysis of the history of the countries of the region in the international arena, historical approaches available in world history, and the study of teaching methods.


Since the 2021/2022 academic year, the head of the department is PhD Rustem Kamshat Moldanovna. Currently working at the department: professors K.A. Suteeva, M.K. Tulekova, B.K. Abdugulova, B.S. Zhumagulov and Zh. Nurmanbetkyzy, associate professors A.Sh. Makhaeva, E.T. T.Dzhainakbayeva and A.E.Dairabayeva, senior lecturers Zh.E.Smankulova, G.M.Zhusanbayeva, M.M.Muratkazin, A.K. S.Kenzhebekova, teachers M.D.Zhakauov, D.Zh.Mamyrbaev, K.T.Taspulatova, E.T.Nurmukhan, R.U.Seitkaziev, S.T.Tulenbergenova, A.A. Sbanbayev.

Educational programs of the department

The department prepares teachers in accordance with the requirements of society and implements the following educational programs for bachelors, masters, PhD doctors: «5B020300-History», «5B013000-History-Religious Studies», «5B050500-Regional Studies», «6B02202-History», «6B02209- History-Geography», «6B03105-Regional Studies», «6B02208-History, Fundamentals of Law and Economics», «6B02211-History-Jurisprudence», «6B02211-History-Geography», «6B01602-History-Religious Studies», «7M022202-History», «7M01601-History», «7M01605-History», «7M01603-History», «8D022202-History», «8D01601-History», «8D03110-Regional Studies», «6B02202-History-Geography», «6B01602-History -Religious Studies» (3-year study, after college), «6B02202-History-Geography», «6B01602-History-Religious Studies» (2-year study, second higher education).


Teaching Staff

The teaching staff of the department conducts lectures, seminars on special courses covering the main issues of theoretical, methodological, historiographic and modern methods of teaching world history: History of the Ancient East, History of the Ancient East and Antiquity, History of the Middle Ages, History of International Relations, Modern and Contemporary History of Asia and Africa , History of world religions, Sociology of religion, Middle East region: history and modernity, Documentation and archiving, Fundamentals of museum work, Modern religious movements and cults, Methods of teaching history, Historical informatics, Theoretical and methodological foundations of teaching history and religious studies, Internet technologies in the classroom history and religious studies and their practical application, information technology in teaching history, etc.


The teaching staff of the department regularly participates in scientific and methodological seminars and trainings for specialists from near and far abroad to develop their professional skills and uses innovative technologies in the education system.


The teachers of the department also manage the research work of students, prepare them for various interuniversity and republican subject Olympiads, in which students win prizes. They are also members of the jury of competitions held by the Republican Scientific and Practical Center «Daryn».


Academic mobility

The department implements a program of academic mobility. Undergraduates and doctoral students of the 2-3 courses of the department listen to lectures and receive scientific advice from professors of leading universities in Germany, Russia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Turkey.


Well-known foreign scientists are approved as scientific consultants of 2-3 year doctoral students specializing in our department: Professor Ahmet Tashagyl (Yedi Tepe University, Istanbul, Turkey), Professor Yugel Gelishli (Ankara University, Turkey), PhD Aygun Attar (Gazi University, Turkey) , Prof. Konyralp Ersalim (University of Ankara, Turkey) and Prof. Reinhard Hesse (University of Heidelberg, Germany).


The staff of the department closely cooperates with secondary schools located in Almaty and districts of the Almaty region on the basis of the «Memorandum of Cooperation between Schools and Universities».


Realizing that the future of the country is in the hands of educated youth, the staff of the department contributes to the training of highly qualified specialists.