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Incoming scientific internship of undergraduates and doctoral students from regional universities in the NJSC " Abai KazNPU " is carried out within the framework of interuniversity contracts, agreements and memorandums.

Scientific internship can be organized in offline or online format.

The basis for the consideration of the issue of scientific training is an official request from a regional Kazakhstan university - a partner for the passage of the scientific training of undergraduates and doctoral students, indicating the name, specialty and course, the period of passage and the subject of the thesis work.

The decision to enroll for research internship is approved by order of the Chairman of the Board - the Rector of the NJSC " Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University". All documents of the scientific internship are sent to the Department of International Engagement.

According to the results of the scientific internship, an intern should write a report with a brief description of the new information, skills, opportunities to apply the results of the internship in scientific activities.

A certificate shall be issued on the basis of the scientific internship report.