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Department of Legal Work and Procurement
Yestauletova Tursynkul Yesenovna
Head of the Legal Affairs Department

13 Dostyk Ave.


The main purpose of the Head of the Legal Department is to ensure compliance with the rule of law in the Company`s activities. The main tasks are information and legal support of the Company`s activities. Protection of legal interests and legal rights of the Company. Development of legal documents. Representation of the Company`s interests in courts of various instances and state bodies. Preparation of legal opinions. Conduct legal expertise of contracts, contracts, agreements, memoranda concluded by the Company. Conducts legal expertise of draft orders of the Company`s officials.

- Provides legal support for the activities of the Company`s institutes, the Chairman of the Management Board - the Rector of the Company, a member of the Management Board - the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, as well as structural units in his (her) direct subordination;
- Manages employees of the legal department. Provides methodological guidance of legal work, clarification of current legislation and the procedure for its application, provision of legal assistance to structural units in claims work, preparation and transfer of necessary materials to judicial and state bodies.
- Analyzes information and other materials on legal work, submit questions to the Company`s officials for consideration, within the competence takes measures to eliminate the identified shortcomings and improve legal work;
- Ensures and independently represent the interests of the Company in accordance with the established procedure in state bodies, courts, as well as other organizations when considering legal issues of the Company`s activities;
- Heads the work on the analysis and generalization of the results of the consideration of claims, claim work and analyze its condition;
- ensures the execution of court decisions, their appeal in accordance with the established procedure;
- conduct a legal examination of contracts, require the relevant departments to submit documents necessary for the implementation of activities within the competence of the department;
- engages heads of structural divisions of employees/specialists to prepare draft documents;
- refuses to approve submitted and administrative and legal documents that do not comply with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulatory documents of the Company. Give conclusions with proposals on the legality of the issues under consideration;
- liaises with other organizations on emerging legal issues;
- to check for compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the draft legal acts initiated by the Company, to approve them, and in cases of their non-compliance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan to refuse approval;
- conduct legal expertise of draft orders of the Chairman of the Management Board - Rector of the Company;
- participates in the consideration of draft regulatory legal acts submitted to the Company for approval, developed by state bodies and organizations;
- provides monitoring of regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on issues within the competence of the Department;
- participates in the development of the Company`s strategy;
- coordinates the state of labor discipline and compliance by subordinates with the internal labor regulations of the Department;
- requires the head of the Department to assist in the performance of his official duties and the exercise of his rights;
- not to disclose information constituting an official, commercial or other legally protected secret that has become known to him in connection with the performance of work duties.