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Beisenova Aliya Sarsenovna
Supervisor Scientific and Methodological Center of Geography and Ecology
Doctor of Science, Academician of the NAS RK
30, Kazybek bi, building №1, office 611


The scientific and methodological Center of geography and ecology was established in 2004. Currently, the scientific and methodological center is a structural subdivision of the scientific and innovative park "AbaiLABS".

The purpose of the "Scientific and Methodological Center of Geography and Ecology" is to organize scientific and methodological work to improve the content of geographical education and study fundamental and applied problems of geography and ecology for sustainable development.


The main objectives of the center include:

- development of scientific and methodological foundations for teaching geographical and environmental education, interdisciplinary connections and improvement of their content, as well as work on the introduction of innovative technologies and the final results of scientific research in the field of education;
- study of natural and anthropogenic changes in the environment and implementation of nature protection measures for sustainable development;
- scientific and methodological support of scientific projects and consulting on the implementation of scientific works;
- creation of a dialogue platform for scientists, specialists and methodologists and teachers in order to develop education and science and popularize them among the public;
- strengthening cooperation with research and educational institutions and organizations of geographical and environmental profile;
organization of advanced training courses for teachers-specialists of institutions of higher and secondary education.


The Scientific and Methodological Center of Geography and Ecology designs textbooks, textbooks, electronic textbooks, atlases and much more for students and schoolchildren. Educational and methodological recommendations and advanced training courses for geography teachers contribute to the development of their professional competence.