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Makhanov Aybar Armanuly
Head of marketing department


About department

The area of responsibility of the department includes supervision and information support of pre-university work within the university, the implementation of the career guidance strategy of the university, communication with target schools, schoolchildren, profile communities and organizations, opinion leaders.


The goal of the department is to increase the awareness of ABAI UNIVERSITY and its educational programs among applicants and students of Baccalaureate, undergraduate and doctoral studies.


Department tasks:

- carrying out marketing research;

- development of strategies for promoting educational programs;

- internet marketing (including research, social networking undergraduate, graduate, doctoral promotion, analytics);

- strengthening the positive image of ABAI UNIVERSITY as an educational institution among applicants; improving the quality of admission of applicants for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs of ABAI UNIVERSITY;

- development of an effective system for promoting ABAI UNIVERSITY educational programs using modern communication channels;

- development of interaction with ABAI UNIVERSITY subdivisions carrying out educational activities.