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 Akzholova Aktoty Toleumuratovna
Deputy direct for Academic affairs
Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, owner of International Scholarship «Bolashak»
Tole bi str.,31, office 2

 Isaeva Zhaksygul Ibadullaevna
Manager of the department of «Organization and support of Educational Activities».
Master of Pedagogical Sciences, senior lecturer
Tole bi str., 31


The purpose of the department - providing comprehensive support for the educational process in the institute, within an educational program framework of higher education on directions for training (specialties) and by levels of education.

The main task of the department:
- Planning, organizing and support the educational process of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology.
- Providing the quality learning process organization and monitoring of the educational process, analysis and implementation of activities for improving the training of students` level.


Department functions:
- Preparation and coordination of class schedule for students with participants in the implementation of the educational programme and interested structural departments, taking into account the optimization of using auditorium fund, making changes to the schedules and bringing schedules and changes therein to the attention of participants in implementing of the educational program;
- Organizational and technical support for the students` movement management (transfer, students` reinstatement, expulsion, granting of academic leave);
- - Educational support (work with students, master`s and doctoral students, preparation of documentation for participation in competitions, award of personal scholarships of various status, work with learners under contracts);
- Summing up the results of the examination sessions;
- Organization of state certification, summing up the results;
- Monitoring the documentation of the work of State examination board;
- Organization and conducting, accompaniment of the interim certification: winter/spring;
- Support the summer semester;
- The procedure for appointing and paying State scholarships;
- Forming of the order for transfer from course to course in all levels of education;
- Forming of the order about the issue of students;
- Supporting the liquidation of academic debt;
- Preparation and an amendment in students` individual study plans;
- Organization of sign up for educational program`s studentsto disciplines by choice;
- Preparation of the educational program students` ratings;
- Preparation for the posting on the site of materials concerning the various aspects of the Institute educational activities organization, ensuring the relevance of the appropriate information.