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Abai at Kazakh National Pedagogical University 


The membership of the Commission, approved by order №03-05/388 of 19.11.2020

Chairman: Sakhiev S.K. - Acting Vice-Rector for Research and Digitalization, Doctor of Phys&Math Sciences

Executive Secretary: Aitugan A.N. - M.Sc.

Members of the Commission:

Khan N.N. - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor (Pedagogy);

Buribaev E.A. - Doctor of Law, Professor (jurisprudence);

Safronova L.V. - Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor (linguistics, philology, literary criticism);

Khamraev Sh. I. - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor (physics, mathematics);

A.E. Sagimbaeva - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor (informatics);

G.A. Bayymbetova - Candidate of Phys&Math Sciences (Physics);

Ms. A.S. Smanova - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor (fine arts and plotting);

U.M. Abdigapbarova - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor (Pedagogy and Psychology);

Ms. G.K. Balakhmetova - Candidate of Historical Sciences (History, Philosophy);

D.B. Asymova - PhD (history);

S. Laishanov - PhD (geography);

M. Amanbayeva - PhD (Biology);

Ilyasova G.U. - PhD (Chemistry);

Butabayeva L.A. - PhD (Defectology).


Order of work of the Commission: meetings of the Ethical Commission are held 2 times a month.

List of necessary documents (for obtaining an extract from the minutes of the Ethics Commission meeting):

- Application to the Chair of the Commission (download here).

- Doctoral student`s thesis, research project /or other scientific work/;

- feedback from the scientific advisors /scientific supervisors/;

- opinion of the department (structural subdivision) where the thesis or research project /or other scientific work/ was prepared.

Documents for consideration by the Commission are accepted 5 working days before the meeting.


NOTE: In case of emergency and/or quarantine regime, please kindly send all documents to the email address of the Office of Scientific Staff Training: in PDF format.

The Commission meetings take place in offline format with mandatory invitations to the authors of the theses and the domestic scientific advisor.