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Information for foreign students


Recognition of foreign diplomas (recognition) is a procedure conducted to determine the reliability of a document issued by another state. Recognition is carried out by the center of the Bologna process and academic mobility of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The acceptance of the application and the issuance of the result of the provision of public services are carried out through the non-commercial joint-stock company State Corporation "Government for Citizens" (note: Center for Population Services - CSC).

List of documents required for the provision of public services:
1) an application for the recognition of documents on education in a form that can be obtained at the CSC;
2) a notarized copy of the education document and its annexes or a notarized translation (in case the document is fully in a foreign language);
3) a document certifying the identity of the holder of the education document, as well as a copy of the document, certified by a notary and with translation into the state or Russian language (for non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan);
4) receipt of payment of state duty *.

*recognition of documents on basic secondary and general secondary education - 6 MCI; recognition of documents on technical and vocational education - 8 MCI; recognition of documents on higher and postgraduate education - 10 MCI.