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 Musabayev Nurken Birzhanovich
Department Director

13 Dostyk ave., office 424


The main tasks of the department are:

Introduction of modern information technologies in the automation and management of the educational process; implementation of an automated information system, protection of administrative and mail servers, information resources and continuous backup of the university servers, management of Abai University web resources, etc.


The main functions of the department are:

- Development and enhancement of networking technologies for the educational process and management of the university;

- Development and improvement of information systems for the educational process;

- Technical support of information systems of Abai KazNPU;

- Preparation of technical requirements and specifications for bidding documents for the purchase of information and telecommunications equipment (ITS) (computer hardware, network equipment, etc.), their accessories, copiers, consumables for purchased goods (equipment) and software products;

- preparation of draft orders for the distribution of new equipment and used equipment based on requests from divisions;

- upgrading of structured cabling system;

- support and expansion of the corporate network of the university;

- monitoring and coordination of the university corporate network;

- service and maintenance of ITS;

- support of on-line conferences;

- participation in the development and implementation of programs of informatization of education at the university;

- organising the work of network services;

- Providing consulting assistance to the teaching staff and auxiliary personnel in the development of new hardware and software in the educational process;

- Ensuring the operability and fault-tolerance of the server equipment;

- providing access to the Internet.