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Dear institute directors!


At a meeting of the Government of the country, chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, measures were considered to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (GOVID-19) in Kazakhstan. It was stated that it is necessary to temporarily limit tourist and business trips abroad, trade, and various communications. The Head of State K. Tokayev also urged Kazakhstanis to be extremely careful, strictly observe personal hygiene rules and not travel abroad without need, to attend public events.


Prevention of this infectious disease, which is causing concern throughout the world, should be a priority for employees of our university.


Therefore, I order:

- suspend sending university students and teachers abroad for academic mobility and other international programs and inviting foreign teachers and managers to us, sending university employees on trips around the country;

- limit conferences, sports and cultural events, as well as larger events held at the university and institutes;

- carry out systematic and regular sanitary and educational work on the prevention of coronavirus among teaching staff and students.


I also consider it necessary to attract specialists from the city health department to this work. As the Government and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan urge, every teacher, staff and youth of the university must comply with personal hygiene rules and safety measures.





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