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Shokanova Akmaral Shokanovna


Name, surname

Akmaral Shokanova

Date of birth

24 February 1982


1999-2004 Specialty: Merchandizing and quality control of consumer goods, qualification « expert planer»  Almaty Technological University.

2005-2008 MSc in Biotechnology from Andong National University (S. Korea) by the Bolashak scholarship program.

Academic degree

 Doctor of philosophy (PhD) in 6D011300-Biology, from October 16, 2016 (order No. 1569)

Place of employment

September 2017-present: the senior teacher of department of «Botany and General Biology" Abai Kaznpu;

June 2014-September 2017. Head of the Division of international scientific and cultural relations. Department of international cooperation Abai KazNPU;

September 2009-September 2010. Head of the Department of science and international cooperation, Rudnyi industrial Institute;

January 2009-August 2009. The Chief of Department of internal evaluation of Satpayev KazNTU;

May 2008-January 2009. Senior Research of SRI of grain and products of its processing, Almaty.

Scientific interests

Innovative approaches in teaching biology students  


A.Sh. Shokanova / Экологизация образовательной среды как педагогическая проблема Abai KazNPU Bulletin, «Pedagogical Sciences» №1(37), - 2013. Almaty. P.95-98.

A.Sh. Shokanova / Педагогические основы формирования экологических знаний у магистрантов//Materials of IX International scientific conference, V.12. - Sofia. 2013. P.36-40.

A.Sh. Shokanova /Assessment of ecological knowledge`s level of the first year undergraduates at pedagogical university // International applied science conference «Priorities for science teaching at universities». -Almaty.-2013P.79-83.

A.Sh. Shokanova / Инновационные подходы в подготовке студентов - экологов // XIV International applied sciences internet conference «Problems and prospects of development of science at the beginning of the third millennium in CIS countries», - Pereyaslav - Khmelnytskyi. -2013. P.21-24.

A.Sh. Shokanova / Роль активных форм и методов обучения в повышении качества подготовки студентов-экологов // Bulletin West Kazakhstan State University after M.Utemisov, №2(50). - Uralsk. -2013. P.106-112.

A.Sh. Shokanova / The Student-centered and Practice-oriented Approaches in the System of Preparing Ecologists World Applied Sciences Journal 25(5), -Pakistan, -2013, P. 699-703.

A.Sh. Shokanova / Natural and recreational potential of Kazakhstan as an educational basis for instilling in future ecologists a bioecological culture // Bulletin KazNTU -Almaty, 2014.- №2 (102). P. 252-255.

A.Sh. Shokanova / Моделирование процессов образования и рассасывания пробок по улично-дорожной сети // Proceedings of the international forum «engineering education and science of xxi century: problems and perspectives», dedicated to 80-years anniversary of Satpayev KazNYU. - Almaty, 2014. - Volume iii. P. 466-470.

Participation in research projects

 Participated in the drafting of a new education program majoring in "5B-Biology 011300", drawn up in the framework of an updated content.

Working at the Department from:

from september 2017 to present - senior lecturer at the department of «Botany and General Biology"

Extracurricular activities

Adviser for 3 course (English gr. 5В011300) Biology students

English club - moderator

Contact information

8 700 205 99 48;

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