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The department of the Kazakh language and literature named after academician S. Kirabaev of the Philology and Multilingual Education Institute of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University is one of the departments of training teachers, teachers and research workers of the Kazakh language (higher (bachelor) and postgraduate education (master`s, doctoral). In this regard, the research work of the department is conducted under the guidance of the head of the department Professor Esenova Kalbike Omirbaikyzy on the topic «Scientific and methodological foundations of teaching an intellectual philologist» in three areas:
1. New directions in the Kazakh philology;
2.Innovative ways of teaching Kazakh language and literature;
3.Methodological, pedagogical problems of intellectual development of personality.

Employees of the department are constantly involved in research and educational processes. In this regard, research work covers several areas:
- faculty`s teachers research work;
- research work of students, undergraduates and doctoral students;
- work with research projects.

In the academic year 2016-2017, according to the results of research, the department published an educational and methodical complex, a scientific collection, monographs, textbooks and teaching didactics. The total number of publications is 120. These are 94 scientific articles. In foreign countries - 10 (USA, France, China, Turkey); Near abroad - 4 (Russia, Kyrgyzstan); In the list of the Committee for the Control of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 8; In other editions of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 17; Materials from foreign countries - 8 (Greece, Turkey, China, Japan); Near abroad - 6 (Kyrgyzstan, Ufa); RK - 66. In journals with impact factor - 4. Scientific monograph - 2; Textbook for schools, textbooks - 7; Textbook for universities - 1 (electronic) and textbook - 2; Textbook for high school - 2.

Student research is conducted on a regular basis
The teaching staff of the department «Kazakh language and literature» named after academician S. Kirabaev is engaged in scientific research in the field of the Kazakh language and literature, within which the staff of the department also supervises the research work of students who tend to study science and innovative technologies. The department has a scientific circle «Boytumar», contributing to the revitalization of research work of students and the promotion of the aspirations of future specialists to science.

Students (enrolled in the specialties: 5B011700 - Kazakh language and literature, 5B020500 - Philology, 5B012100 - Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language teaching) are fully involved in scientific activities in accordance with the scientific plan of the department. Based on this, the work of the SRW and SRWS is coordinated. The work plan of academics and councils of students and undergraduates is constantly working in the department and was discussed at the beginning of the school year , approved at the meeting of the department. In the 2018 academic year, teachers of the Kazakh language and literature department named after academician S. Kirabaev constantly participated in the research work of students with good academic achievement from kazakh groups of the philology institute and supervised the research reports, courses and graduate projects of individual students. Student research is conducted on a regular basis. Thanks to student research, today`s student contributes to the emergence of future professionals as a full-fledged, advanced, developed personality. In general, the research work of students is one of the most important problems in the department. Employees of the department constantly attract students to research, preserving the research work of students.

In 2011 and 2015, 5 projects were completed under the grants of the university`s principle:
1.»Scientific metadological basis of linguistic terms». Supervisor, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor F.Sh. Orazbayeva (2011); 2. «Technique and technology of three language skills in professional development». Supervisor, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor F.Sh. Orazbayeva (2012); 3.»Methodology of the development of Latin graphics in the profession of a professional philologist». Supervisor, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor F.Sh. Orazbayeva (2013); 4. Scientific megaproject «Forming the intellectual potential of the nation in the conditions of the secondary school of the Republic of Kazakhstan»; Rector of Abai KazNPU, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor S.Praliev (2013); 5 «Internet technologies in the education system: the Kazakh language and Latin graphics on the Internet». Supervisor, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor F.Sh. Orazbayeva (2014). Having won funding from the university, she worked on projects.

Participation of teachers of the department in scientific activities of external scientific organizations:

In order to improve skills and retraining in the field of research, training, the department staff regularly communicate with the People`s Republic of China, Beijing University of Central Peoples, Ili Kazakh Pedagogical University, Xinjiang University, St. Petersburg and Moscow Pedagogical Institutes . Academy of Professional Development and Retraining of the Russian Federation (APCiPPO RU), Center for Foreign and Domestic Educational and Information Technologies, Department of Language Development, Archives and Documentation, National Center for Scientific and Technical Examination of Almaty, Region, Educational Institutions, Republican Educational and Methodological Center « Orleu», schools, Republican Academy of Education. Y. Altynsarin and the Court Information and Analytical Center, Junior Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Daryn Republican Scientific and Practical Center, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, KazSWTU, the city, regional teacher training institutions establish close relations, conduct joint research, training work.

During the research a partnership was established with state, non-governmental, public and international organizations.

Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor F.Sh.Orazbaeva is a member of the working group established by MES RK, with the aim of improving the quality of education, namely the Kazakh language and literature in secondary schools under the program «Ush Tygyrly Til» multilingual education.

Doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Zh.T. Dauletbekova, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor F.Sh. Orazbayeva, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Rakhmetova R., Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Lecturer A.K. Rauandina, Lecturer Z. Sametova were elected as members of the working group for the preparation of textbooks and teaching materials for training. (By order of the MES RK (April 24, 2014 No. 302-3 / 879) on the implementation of instructions of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, at the extraordinary ХҮ congress of the Nur Otan Party).

Involvement of teachers in scientific and technical expertise: Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Zh.T. Dauletbekova is an expert of projects and scientific and technical projects in the field of targeted research grant funding at the National Center for Scientific and Technical Expertise of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The department employs scientific circles called «Boitumar» and «Kazhym Jumaliev». The scientific community annually holds a traditional conference, a round table and an Olympiad.


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