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Dear Colleagues,January 17, 2014.The conference will focus on the establishment and strengthening of cooperation between higher education institutions of Kazakhstan on topical issues of improving the educational process in the middle and high school.Participants invited all stakeholders working in the field of education of RK. 

The main directions of the conference:

1. Competence-based approach in the development of educational programs.

2. Introduction of innovative technologies in the educational and upbringing process.

3. Research in education: problems, prospects and risks.To participate in the conference should be until 20 December 2013 to send a request to the Organizing Committee in the form of Annex 1. Publication of materials in the collection - 1000 tenge.Authors are responsible for the content of the article.

Requirements for registration of articles :

Text of up to 3 full A4 pages in Kazakh, Russian and English languages ​​should be typed in «Microsoft Word». Font «Times New Roman» 14 size , line spacing

1. Justifies text . Automatic hyphenation . Without pagination .

2.In the left corner UDC articles, article name in capital letters in the middle row without a point . Article titled Name author (s) , place of work , degree, title, position . Line through the text of a line through the list of references , through the line resume in 3 languages ​​.

For all inquiries please contact the Organizing Committee:

Shymkent, pl. Al-Farabi 1 YUKGFA, Department of Chemistry and FGZ, 5th floor 519 - aud., Office tel.: 408-222 ext. 340  Ph.D., and. about. Associate Professor Turebekova GA; - 87775585239  Ph.D. Dildabekova LA; - 87079277915, 87782594979

E-mail: gulya_T.A@mail. ru

Accommodation, food and travel participants pay.


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