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Meeting of KazNPU students with the military prosecutor of the Almaty garrison

On 5 December 2018, at the invitation of the rector Takir Balykbayev a meeting was held between the military prosecutor of the Almaty garrison, Colonel of Justice, Satken Tlekzhan, the assistant prosecutor of the captain of justice Akirov Sayan Torghautovich with teachers and students of the Institute of History and Law. The event had the character of an informal lively dialogue between guests and the audience and was organized by the head of the Jurisprudence chair Ermek Buribaev, the head of the «Zanger» student circle Gulzhazira Meirbekova.

During the meeting, the prosecutor of the Almaty garrison spoke about the role of youth in the development of the state, about modern conditions and opportunities for their self-realization, the impact of the level of education, personal and practical skills acquired at the university, on the prospects for employment and career growth. He also elaborated on the procedure for admission to the prosecution service, familiarized students with the requirements, and answered questions about the features of prosecutorial supervision and personal experience in the prosecution authorities. During the meeting, much attention was paid to the answers of Tlekzhan Bauyrzhanovich to the questions posed by the students and teachers of the country`s leading university.

Concluding the meeting, the prosecutor of the Almaty garrison wished its participants success in studies, teaching and research activities, the implementation of their plans, new professional accomplishments, and also invited students to practice in the bodies of the Military Prosecutor`s Office.




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