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Cognitive-intellectual quiz «What? Where? When?" Within the framework of the Decade of Science


In accordance with the general university plan «Decades of Science - 2018» on April 6, the Department of Practical Languages of the Institute of Philology and Polyglot Education held a cognitive-intellectual quiz «What? Where? When?».

In this inter-institutional competition, the first year students of four institutes of our university took part: the Institute of Art, Culture and Sports, the Institute of Natural Science and Geography, the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, and the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology under the guidance of the doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor G. Kazhigalieva Candidate of Philology, assistant professors Kadyrova G.R., Maimakova A.D., Master of Science, Senior Teacher Esimbek S.I.

Quiz «What? Where? When?», Being a scientific and educational, intellectual-cognitive game, is not accidentally held in the Decade of Science, because it is knowledge, curiosity, cognitive interest that lie at the heart of this quiz, and it brings it together with science. Knowledge is power, science is power!

The event was held in the building of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology; The hall was beautifully decorated by students and created a festive mood for the spectators who filled the fifteenth audience that day.

Before the opening of the competition, the national anthem of Kazakhstan was performed, after which Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Practical Languages Kazhaliliev G.A., opened the event. She congratulated everyone on holding this intellectual and educational contest held within the framework of the «Decade of Science - 2018», wished her successes to the participants, and also presented the guests of the event: Head of the Monitoring Division of the SRP and Normative Control of the Department of Science of Abai KazNPU Kirillov, G.R., as well as deputy director of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education on scientific work Sametova Zh.Sh.

Then, on solemn fanfares, the leading evenings - the first-year students of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Orynbasar Almas and Omirali Nurbibi - appeared on the stage, they presented the jury composition, which included the teachers of the Department of Practical Languages - the organizers of the event. Then the hosts acquainted the participants and viewers with the conditions of the quiz, played the lots that determined the order of the teams` performance. Four teams responded actively to quiz questions, which were related to various spheres of human life, which, as is known, distinguishes the contents of the quiz "What? Where? When?". The oral presentation of questions by the speakers was accompanied in parallel by their computer presentation on the big screen. In total, the teams answered 21 questions! Throughout the competition, the fans actively, gambling supported their teams.

In the musical breaks of the competition students of the 1st course of specialties «Musical education» and «Choreography»: Butakbai Akan, masterfully performed the kyu of the great Kurmangazy  «Balbrauyn»; fervent Kazakh dance coherently, energetically performed Zhumabekova Aidana and Omirkhanova Aigerim; and the famous Russian romance «Ekhali na troike s bubensami» (music by Boris Fomin, words of Konstantin Podrevsky), and the chapel was beautifully performed by Zhumakhan Kaisar.

In an interesting and exciting competition of intellectuals the team «Leader of the XXI century», representing the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology became a winner; the second place was confidently taken by the team «Friendship» from the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics; the third was the team of the Institutes of Natural Science and Geography and the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology «The Fifth Element». The best captain was recognized Kurmanakyn Erasyl, captain of the Van Gogh team, who represented the Institute of Art, Culture and Sports at the competition. The winner was also named in the nomination «The Best Spectator». The best player was the student of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography Tupnatullin Said.

All the members of the participating teams were awarded diplomas. In addition, the teams-winners, as well as the winners in separate categories were awarded diplomas. The guys who performed in «musical breaks» were also awarded with the diploma. The contest ended with a photograph of the participants, organizers, spectators.

The conducted quiz demonstrated the students` high cognitive interest in scientific knowledge, the versatility of this interest, their love of science, and tested their intellectual capabilities.









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