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Foreign internships


Saule Abisheva, the professor, head of the Russian language and literature chair, was trained in the near (Russia) and far (Italy) abroad, within the framework of the grant "The best teacher of the University of 2017" from April 10 to May 3, 2018.


At the invitation of the head of the School of Linguistics of Professor Ekaterina Rakhilina Saule Abisheva held a two-week internship at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow). She took part in two international conferences. At the RSUH she made a report "Typology of poetic headings by D. Samoilov" at the conference "The phenomenon of the title" on 10-11 April. On 12-14 April was a listener at the conference in the Higher School of Economics "Russian language in a multilingual world" and acted as a moderator of the section. She attended lectures and seminars of leading professors of the School of Linguistics and the School of Philology. On 17 April at the V.V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Science Saule Abisheva met with the scientists of the Department of Corpus linguistics and linguistic poetics Natalya Fateeva, Lariza Shestakova, Zoya Petrova, Anna Gik, who during the conversation were invited by her to Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University at the International Conference "Problems of Poetics and Poetry VIII " that planned on May 2018. A meeting of the Kazakh scientist with the vice-rector of the Higher School of Economics at International Relations Ivan Prostakov, and with the famous Moscow professors Oleg Fedotov and Antonina Shelemova was held.


During the internship, a cooperation agreement between the Chair of Russian Language and Literature of Abai Kazak National Pedagogical University and the School of Linguistics of the Higher School of Economics was signed.


At the invitation of Professor E. Kazartsev Saule Abisheva held a week-long scientific internship at the University of Modena (Italy). On 26 April she read the lecture "Russian language and literature in Kazakhstan". She took part in seminars and discussions on Russian language curricula and attended lectures. During the meeting with the Vice-Rector for International Relations, Serjio Ferrari, the issue of cooperation between Abai KazNPU and the University of Modena, was discussed.


During the same period Saule Abisheva carried out online training at the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk (Poland). With the Vice-rector for Academic Affairs Danuta Gerchynski, the issues of the development of a two-diploma program on the Russian language and literature were discussed. On-line consultations with Kazakhstan students and undergraduates studying under a two-diploma program, and undergraduates, who were at that time on a scientific internship at the academy, were conducted.







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