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Problems of interaction between students in school: bullying and mobbing

On December 5-6, 2019, the Republican training center «Baldauren-Kapshagai» hosted a republican workshop on the topic «Problems of student interaction in school: bullying and mobbing», which was solemnly opened by the director of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Almukhambetov Berikzhan.

Head of the department of pedagogy and psychology Kosherbaeva Aigerim, head of the department of preschool education and social pedagogy Kiyakbaeva Ulbosyn, teachers Akhmetova Aigul, Kazybaeva Asel, Kasymova Gulzhaina, as well as doctoral students Gubenko Alena and Sansyzbaeva Dinara were among the invited guests of the event. They discussed a wide range of issues related to the problems of bullying and mobbing in the school environment, made presentations, held master classes, shared theoretical and practical knowledge. At the final meeting, all seminar participants were awarded certificates and letters of appreciation.









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