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       In the period from 20 April  to 21April, 2017  at   I.A. Bunin Yelets State University (Yelets, Russian Federation) was  held  the III International Youth Scientific Conference "INFO-Expert" - 2017.

        This scientific  research conference was aimed at involving the general public in discussing the problems and prospects of using modern means and methods of computer science and ICT; to expand the possibility of practical application of the results obtained and reported in the reports to solve specific socio-economic problems and is designed to create conditions for the exchange of results of research and experimental activities of  learners  and students.

      Conference worked by the following areas:


  • "Computer science - IT first steps into science" - design and research work of  the grades 1-4 pupils;
  • "Computer science - IT - start" - design and research works of   grades 5-8 pupils;
  • "Computer science - IT - junior" - design and research work of 9-11 grades pupils, 1-2 courses  students of  Middle special education;
  • "Computer science - IT - expert" - research work of students of higher and secondary vocational schools.


     The authors of the best  reports sent to the conference were awarded with diplomas of laureates of the I, II, III degrees of the III International Scientific Conference on Informatics and ICT "INFO-expert - 2017", and on 21 April, 2017 by the results of the conference the  1st year  undergraduates of Abai KazNPU K.U. Umbetbayev, M.Urazimbetov and  teacher of the Intellectual school of the chemical and biological direction of Almaty Y.Myrsydykov,  who took part in the correspondence with the publication of the report on the topic: "SELF-WORKING Of STUDENTS BY THE GEOMETRIC HERITAGE OF AL-FARABI IN THE GEOGEBRA ENVIRONMENT" were awarded with the II degree  Diploma.






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